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We conduct a thorough cosmetic safety assessment and prepare a detailed cosmetic product safety report (CPSR), which must be created for every single product before placing it on the market. We use professional toxicological literature, verified databases, industry guidelines, and recommendations from scientific bodies.

Before placing a cosmetic product on the market, it should be notified in the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) for sales in the EU and in the Submit Cosmetic Products Notification (SCPN) portal for sales in the United Kingdom. We will help you set up a company account on both portals and register all your products.

For each cosmetic product placed on the marked a complete product dossier called a Product Information File (PIF) has to be prepared. The PIF must contain specific data and it can be verified by relevant health authorities. We will help you collect all necessary documents and prepare a complete PIF for you.

Cosmetic product labels must contain obligatory information and meet specific legal requirements. This also applies to marketing claims and declarations present on product labels. We will analyse your packaging for compliance in accordance with applicable regulations and prepare a report with comments and necessary corrections.

We work with start-ups, manufacturers, importers and distributors of cosmetics who market products in the European Union and/or United Kingdom. We also cooperate with companies providing professional consulting services for the cosmetic industry.

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