My offer

Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Products

I specialize in the most complex and problematic stage of placing cosmetics on the market which is the preparation of a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR). According to the European law it must be prepared for all cosmetic products available on the market. I use professional toxicological literature, verified databases, industry guidelines and recommendations of scientific committees. I carefully control all changes in the EU cosmetic legislation and ensure that your formulas are safe for your customers.

Product registration in the EU (CPNP)

Each cosmetic product placed on the EU market must be registered in the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP). The registration should be made before placing the product on the market. I can help you to register all your products and to set up a company account on the CPNP website.

Verification of labels and claims

I can verify your labels and promotional materials for claims and regulatory compliance in the European Union and I can verify your declared product’s composition.

Preparation of a Product Information File (PIF)

For each cosmetic product placed on the market must prepare a complete Product Information File (PIF). I can help you to collect all necessary documents and data.

Placing cosmetic products on the EU market

I will explain to you how to legally place cosmetic products on the EU market and I will help you to get through the whole process smoothly.

Training and seminars

I can prepare seminars and training related to different aspects of the European Cosmetic Regulation and Safety Assessment addressed to specific Client’s need.

Participation as a speaker at industry conferences

I can participate as a speaker at scientific conferences, workshops and congresses related to cosmetic industry.

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